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Magnetic Phone (iPhone / Android) Cable - Connect Your Device Without an Effort!

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$13.99 Retail  $49.99

No more damaged charging cords! Use our magnetic charge cable to create absolute convenience when charging your device, our usb charge cord connection acts as a dust plug to protect your device from things such as pocket lint, the magnetic function has been designed to disconnect from your device when it is tripped over to prevent your device dropping off the table top, it also offers ease when connecting your device in the dark!

  • 1m in length
  • LED light to indicate connection to charger – Green when fully charged and Blue whilst charging
  • Allows for fast charging with an input of Max 2.4A
  • Attractive Cable with soft Nylon cord and a 1-piece aluminium plug in case
  • Easily connected with cellphone using magnetic control
  • Easy to connect, easy to separate, easy to remove connection from cellular device
  • Android & iPhone Available. Please select from the dropdown menu

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