Easy Carry Stainless Steel Straw
Description: Protect the earth with the unique Stainless Steel Foldable Straw! Well-designed and bendable, it is easy to carry and clean. Drink a smoothie with it at an outdoor party...
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$12.99  $14.99
Dining Chair Cover
Description:Give your home a whole new look by changing up your dining chairs! Place these elegant themed chair covers over your chairs to brighten up your kitchen or dining room....
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$9.99  $14.99
Vegetable Spiralizer
Description: Time to change your large bulky spiralizer to this one which works great and helps to visually spices up your food!   Main Features: Easy to use and clean...
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$11.99  $17.99
10 Pcs Hinge LED Smart Sensor Light
Description: These affordable sensor lights will automatically turn on every time when you open the cabinet, cupboard, closet or wardrobe! Adds great convenience and that extra lighting to your home!...
SAVE 41%
$19.99  $33.99
7 in 1 Multi-Purpose Stainless Stee...
Description:Is your kitchen cluttered with gadgets but you still can't find what you need? With the Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Scissors, you'll have all the kitchen tools in one nifty gadget!...
SAVE 39%
$13.99  $22.99
Self Stirring Lazy Mug (4 Colors Av...
  Description: This is considered as the ultimate beverage mug for lazy people: no more washing spoons, no more stirring, no more hassle. All you need to do is pour...
SAVE 42%
$14.99  $25.99
Stainless Steel French Fry Cutter
Description: No need to wait for the delivery! Make your own fresh French fries at home! Cut them even every time with this French Fry Cutter!   Main Features: Made...
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$11.96  $18.99
Vegetable Spiral Slicers (2pc)
Description: Presentation is key when it comes to cooking! Make it easier for yourself with this kitchen tool!   Main Features Quick Slice: Scientific design concept, saving you more time ...
SAVE 38%
$12.99  $20.99
Stainless Steel Straw Set
Description: Plastic is so yesterday! Replace your plastic straw with the Stainless Steel Straw! Not only does it help save our sea turtles and other marine life, it is also...
SAVE 32%
$14.99  $21.99
2 Pcs Cap Launcher Beer Opener
  Description: If opening your beers wasn't enough, now you can have fun with the caps too! Open your beer with this inventive opener that can also launch the cap...
SAVE 32%
$12.99  $18.99
Ice Ball Maker Mold
Description: Want a perfect sized ice ball for your favourite drink? With this Ice Ball Maker Mold, 4 ice spheres can be made at a time. Enjoy a refreshing beverage...
SAVE 35%
$12.99  $19.99
Corn Cob Cutter
Description: Get every last bit of corn with this Cob Cutter!   Main Features: Easy handling and ergonomic design High quality stainless steel blade Easy to remove corn cup Holds up...
SAVE 38%
$7.99  $12.99
Stainless Steel Cooking Thermometer...
Description: Don't know whether your food is ready and worried it might overcook?  An accurate instant-read digital thermometer is an essential tool to ensure your food is safe to eat. Cook your food...
SAVE 25%
$11.99  $15.99
Stainless Steel Strawberry Stem Rem...
Description: With the right tool, things go smoother! This remarkable tool is perfect for removing strawberry stems!   Main Features: Material: ABS and stainless steel, easy to clean Insert the...
SAVE 44%
$9.99  $17.99
Easy Food Chopper
Description: Start making your own sauces! Easily chop and mix fresh ingredients into real sauces using this quick one compact chopper. Save time and mince garlic to preserve it in...
SAVE 44%
$17.99  $31.99
2 Sets Automatic Cockroach Trapper
Description: Are cockroaches infesting your kitchen? Get rid of them with this Automatic Cockroach Trapper! Simply place some food as bait in the trapper and wait for the roaches to...
SAVE 35%
$19.99  $30.99
2 Pcs DIY Sphere Ice Mold
Description: Roll with the high rollers with our Sphere Ice Molds. The innovative and clever design gives you a 2.5" sphere, perfect to accompany your Irish Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, or...
SAVE 48%
$12.99  $24.99
3 Pcs Silicone Fried Egg Mold Set -...
Description: Start your day fresh with a creatively shaped sunny side up egg! Make cooking breakfast fun with this egg mold set. All you need to do is – place the...
SAVE 33%
$9.99  $14.99
2 Pcs Vegetable Slicer Holder
Description:Even the most experienced chefs have cut their fingers at some point! Prevent this from happening to you with this Vegetable Slicer Holder! It can hold down your veggie or...
SAVE 38%
$7.99  $12.99
Sushi Rolling Kit
Description: Designed for making your sushi experience fun. Impress your friends and cultivate your sushi making talents with the help of the easy-to-use Sushi Rolling Kit!   Main Features: Creates...
SAVE 38%
$14.99  $23.99
Heat Resistant Oven Glove
Description:Enjoy baking? Protect your hand with this Heat Resistant Oven Glove! It's made of high-quality Aramid, the same material firefighters' vests are made out of. Put it on before you...
SAVE 47%
$9.99  $18.99
Cute Elephant Water Drainer
Description:No more annoying water puddles at the bottom of the cup holder! This Cute Elephant Water Drainer helps water run directly into the sink and not on your surfaces. Great...
SAVE 42%
$14.99  $25.99
2 Packs Vacuum Wine Bottle Stopper
Description: It's a problem every wine aficionado has. You sit down after a long day to enjoy a glass or two of your favorite red or white. After you have...
SAVE 40%
$11.99  $19.99
Easy Salad Cutter Bowl
Description:Is eating healthy always your New Year's resolution? This Salad Cutter Bowl will help you eat more salad with little effort! Simply put your ingredients into the bowl, cover it,...
SAVE 32%
$14.99  $21.99

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