Solar-Powered LED Ring Ground Light
  Description: This Solar-Powered LED Ring Ground Light will light up your pathway at night, without having to worry about your electricity bill. Simply place it in the ground and watch...
SAVE 10%
$17.99  $19.99
Solar Powered LED Blacklight
Description: The best companion for all the fluorescent objects in your garden. This LED Blacklight will really bring out the glow!     Features: Waterproof design; rated IP65 Solar Powered; no...
$41.99  $44.99
Solar-Powered LED Flower Lawn Light
Description:Give your lawn a blooming look with these adorable Solar-Powered LED Flower Lawn Lights! They will refresh your seasonal outdoor decor and make your house look warm and inviting. Simply...
SAVE 70%
$28.99  $97.99
Solar-Powered Multi-Color LED Rotat...
Description: Throw the best outdoor parties with this Multi-Color Rotation Projector Light on! The colorful dancing colors will instantly create a festive atmosphere in your backyard or outdoor space. It’ll...
SAVE 33%
$29.99  $44.99
2 in 1 Solar-Powered Copper Wire LE...
  Description: Bring a cozy and warm ambiance to your garden with this 2 in 1 Solar-Powered Copper Wire LED Lantern Light! Simply stake it in the ground, or hang...
SAVE 25%
$29.99  $39.99
LED Outdoor Waterproof Cube Wall Lamp
Description:Bring a modern luxe feel to your home with this LED Outdoor Waterproof Cube Wall Lamp by your door or gateway! Weatherproof and durable, it is perfect for outdoor use....
SAVE 64%
$50.99  $140.99
Solar-Powered Retro LED Flame Lamp
Description:Add an elegant retro style to your evening garden with this Solar-Powered Retro LED Flame Lamp! Featuring a distinctive dancing flame, it provides a warm light just like a real...
$43.99  $45.99
Cracked Glass Ball LED Lamp
Description: Beautiful Cracked Glass Ball LED Lamp for your lawn or outdoor table. This Waterproof lamp provides ambient lighting for your backyard while making a stunning outdoor decoration.     ...
SAVE 14%
$29.99  $34.99
Solar-Powered Colorful Stake Lights
Description:Add some color to your outdoor space with these pretty Butterfly and Chrysanthemum Stake Lights. Bend these into your desired shape and style for an eye-catching addition to your backyard....
SAVE 13%
$26.99  $30.99
Solar-Powered USB Rechargeable Gard...
Description: Spruce up your nighttime garden with this Garden Projector Light that can be charged with the sunlight or a USB cord! It's perfect for creating a sense of depth...
SAVE 13%
$25.99  $29.99
Solar-Powered Embedded Light
Description: Simply place these Solar-Powered Embedded Lights into the ground to light up the way. They’re waterproof and long-lasting for a brighter, well-lit garden!   Main Features: LED Solar-Powered Plastic...
SAVE 14%
$29.99  $34.99
LED Orchid Branch Light
Description: Bend, twist and shape this LED Orchid Branch Light into the perfect table display. Have stunning Phalaenopsis flowers all year round! Ideal for your bedroom or living room. You'll...
SAVE 17%
$14.99  $17.99
Solar-Powered Angel Stake Light
Description: Beautifully intricate Solar-Powered Angel Stake Light to add detail to your backyard. This stunning stake light is made from high-quality Iron and creates beautiful lights patterns when the sun...
SAVE 11%
$39.99  $44.99
2 in 1 Solar-Powered Landscape And ...
  Description: Upgrade your lawn with this 2 in 1 Solar-Powered Landscape and Wall Light. With its double feature, you decide to stake it in a sunny spot or attach it...
SAVE 70%
$82.99  $277.99
Solar-Powered Iron Owl Lamp
Description: Stunning Solar-Powered Iron Owl Lamp that every backyard needs! If you're dreaming of creating the perfect ambient Summer garden, all you need is this pretty iron lamp. Just charge...
$39.99  $42.99