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Easy Storage 59" Diameter Kids Toys Playmat - Just Grab and Go!

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$16.99 Retail  $49.99



With the bag in hand, it's easy to place down anywhere and play! Spread out the bag and it becomes the perfect circular play mat for the little toy pieces!

With the pull of a drawstring, the play mat easily folds into a neat and tidy soft storage bag, making toy clean-up simple and fast; just grab and go!

  • Huge floor mat folds out to 59 inches, offering tons of room for LEGO bricks, action figures & other toys like Barbies, Hot Wheels, and more!
  • Durable nylon cord and cord lock provide an easy opening and closing system
  • Easy to store toys and prevent toys from getting dusty, while saving your space
  • Covers a large floor space for a cleaner playtime, perfect for parents who want a fast, hassle and clutter-free tidy-up-time!

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