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Solar Powered LED Mosquito Killer Lamp

The Deal is On!

$17.99 Retail  $59.99

Now you can sit out on the deck in the evening without worrying about being annoyed by the bugs with this Killer Lamp. Once installed, you will not be bothered to operate since there is a built-in light sensor.

  • Protects your family from mosquitoes, insect bites & related diseases such as dengue fever.
  • Compact & lightweight, easy to carry & highly portable. Also great for fishing, camping, hiking, jogging, golfing or simply enjoying your patio or porch.
  • Solar-powered means no more batteries! Save money on electricity bills and batteries when you switch to these amazing solar-powered garden bug zappers. Just put them in the ground, and the sun powers them every day for constant protection from bugs all night!
  • Easy installation. It's a great convenient way to kill mozzies, flies and bugs inside and outdoors, with no smell, no chemicals and no environmental pollution.

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