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Premium 16ft Color Changing 300 LEDs Light Strip Set

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$34.99 Retail  $99.99


This product features a full package that allows you to stick the 16ft long light strip to anywhere of your choice and remotely control the color and flash mode of the light emitted by its 300 RGB (Red, Green & Blue) LED bulbs. The light strip is flexible to wrap around any surface and is suitable for any occasions.


Main Features:

  • Model 5050: brighter light output than Model 2835, with thicker strip
  • Silicon surface makes it waterproof and easy to maintain
  • 16 single constant colors (no white) and 4 modes
  • Low energy consumption (12V); it can run bright with low temperature
  • Easy to install with the adhesive tape at the back
  • Creates different ambiance with the included remote controller
  • Includes an end plug for connecting additional sets of strip lights
  • US Plug
  • Working Voltage: AC 110V ~ 240V 



Product Size

16 FT

Product Weight

15.09 oz (428g)

Package Component

1 x Light Strip, 1 x remote controller, 1 x adapter, 1 x User Manual




  • Use the adhesive tape on smooth, clean and dry surface to ensure it sticks.
  • Please make sure the male port (from the light strip) and female port (from the control box) are connected with the same arrow direction. If it doesn't light up, all you need to do is reverse it, no harm done.
  • Please make sure there is no obstacle between the controller and the receiver when operating. Just like your TV remote control, the controller uses infrared red light to connect with the control box, so keep obstacles away from the receiver for best practice.

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