Stocking Stuffers
Easy Magnetic Bottle Opener
Description: Quick and Easy Magnetic Bottle Opener, just push down and watch the lid pop off! Perfect for parties, BBQs and entertaining at home. No need to bend or twist...
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$12.99  $15.99
LED Light Up Retro Glasses
Description: Going to a party tonight? Become the center of attention wearing these super cool LED Light Up Glasses! With 9 different flashing patterns, they ooze personality and make a...
$29.99  $30.99
2 Pcs Super 6 in 1 Ballpoint Pen
Description: Working on a DIY project? Keep all your tools handy with this Multi-Purpose Touch Screen Screwdriver Pen! Use one tip to make selections on your smartphone or tablets, and your...
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$9.99  $16.99
3 Pcs Wine Bottle Combination Lock
Description:Got an unfinished bottle of wine sitting around your house? Safeguard it with this Wine Bottle Combination Lock! It's super easy to lock and open with your personal 3-digit combination...
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$14.99  $24.99
Back Posture Corrector
Description:Are you always slouching? Bad posture can ruin your health! Get perfect posture with this Back Posture Corrector! They will firmly pull your shoulders into the perfect position. Your muscles...
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$19.99  $30.99
Electric Nose Hair Trimmer
Description:Accidentally cut yourself while trimming off nose hair? Make grooming easier with this Electric Nose Hair Trimmer! It helps trim your nose hair or ear hair safely and comfortably. No...
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$9.99  $18.99
6 Pcs Easy Beauty Blender Sponge
Description:Got awkward streaks on your face from foundation or powder? Say goodbye to messy makeup with this high-definition Beauty Blender Sponge! It's great for applying even foundation, concealer, bb cream,...
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$14.99  $22.99
Electric Silicone Facial Massage Cl...
Description:Suffering an acne breakout? It may be a result of dirt buildup or makeup stuck in your pores. Wash your face correctly and effectively with this powerful Electric Silicone Facial...
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$19.99  $33.99
25 in 1 Ultimate Screwdriver Set
Description: Working on a home project in your garage? Be prepared with this 25 in 1 Ultimate Screwdriver Set that includes 25 different screwdrivers! You'll have everything you need by your...
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$14.99  $16.99
Dancing Bunny Ears Hat
Description:Want the cutest animal hat ever? Have a blast in this Bunny Ears Hat! Put it on your head and pinch the soft, squishy paws to make the ears move!...
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$18.99  $26.99
Mini Finger Skateboard Toy
Description:Looking for a fun toy? Learn to fingerboard with this Mini Finger Skateboard that can mimic real skateboard tricks! It's light and portable, so your kids can play with it...
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$5.99  $8.99
Beauty Blender Sponge Holder
Description: Keep your makeup sponges clean and away from dirt! Put them on these sturdy little Makeup Sponge Holders! They will keep your sponges clean and dry, and they will...
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$9.99  $15.99
Scottish Tartan Blanket Scarf
Description: Keep yourself warm in this soft plaid scarf that is large enough to use as a blanket and wrap around the shoulders. A fashionable classic print made from super soft fabrics....
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$23.99  $29.99
Iridescent Crystal Cube Necklace
  Description: Simple yet elegant. This crystal cube necklace reflects in the light and shines in beautiful rainbow colors when the light hits.    Main Features: Reflects different colors in...
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$14.99  $22.99
Crystal Decoration Ball Lens - Take...
  Description: Looking for a new inventive way to capture your moments? Hold this perfect crystal sphere in your palm to see the world refracted in your hand. Take it with you everywhere...
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$29.99  $100.99
2 Pcs Cap Launcher Beer Opener
  Description: If opening your beers wasn't enough, now you can have fun with the caps too! Open your beer with this inventive opener that can also launch the cap...
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$12.99  $18.99
Identity Theft Protection Stamp
Description: Cover up confidential and important information on papers effectively before trashing it in the bin. This roller stamp is user-friendly yet inexpensive and definitely less noisy than a shredder!   ...
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$12.99  $25.99
2 Pcs Easy Hair Bun Maker
Description: Want to make a nice looking bun in seconds without using any bobby pins? This easy Bun Maker is the most convenient and the fastest way to get that...
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$9.99  $19.99
2 Pcs Silicone Collapsible Travel Cup
Description: An essential Travel Cup perfect for on the go! This silicone cup can be made small enough to carry inside your pocket and saves space when traveling or camping. ...
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$12.99  $20.99
Magnetic Wristband - Keep Screws an...
  Description: This magnetic wrist band is ideal for home improvements or DIY projects. It provides a third helping hand when you need it most by keeping tools on your...
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$9.99  $13.99
Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner - Makes...
  Description: Use steam to clean the crud from your microwave! Just add vinegar and water, then microwave for 7 minutes. The steam comes out of mama's head and softens...
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$14.99  $50.99
Waterproof Playing Cards
Description: This will be one of your most valuable camping and travel items, whether you're shuffling on land or on water, on a sunny afternoon or a rainy night. They're...
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$14.99  $20.99
Easy Drinker Belt, Holds up to 6 Be...
  Description: You'll be the hit of the tailgater party or fishing trip with this belt! Or give it as a gift to your husband so he can wear it...
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$22.99  $26.99
Anti-Snoring Chin Strap
Description: Snoring can lead to poor sleep and daytime fatigue, irritability, and increased health problems. If your snoring keeps your partner awake, it can also create major relationship problems. This product...
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$12.99  $19.99