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10 Pcs Professional Makeup Brush Set

The Deal is On!

$19.99 Retail  $59.99


Professional Makeup brushes to perfect your make up every time! Our 10 Piece Makeup Brush set is an essential tool for perfecting your beauty game!


Main Features:

  • Brush handle made from wood
  • Brush hair made from nylon hair


Package Component:

1) Round Head Foundation Brush 6) Round Head Eyeliner Brush
2) Bevel Foundation Brush  7) Bevel Eyeliner Brush
3) Flat Foundation Brush 8) Conical Eyeliner Brush
4) Conical Foundation Brush 9) Flat Bevel Eyeliner Brush
5) Flat Bevel Foundation Brush 10) Flat Eyeliner Brush


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