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256 LED Mood Light with Touchscreen Scroll Bar - USB Rechargeable

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$24.99 Retail  $69.99

Every room needs these small accessories that make the whole environment look much more attractive, stylish and fashionable. Place this mood light anywhere you need some extra relaxing colors and brighten up your place!

The mood light comes with a touch-bar function that's both fun and easy to use. Simply scroll your hand on the bar and change colors smoothly to suit your mood! Watch how the mood light displays 256 colors only by a simple touch. Or if you prefer random color shifts, let the lamp alternate colors automatically and enjoy the elegant dance of beams!

  • Colors change as you select the touch sensor on top of the light - 256 Colors
  • LED's - Low consumption long lifespan 
  • Lithium battery Charged by USB cable

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