Automatic Bug Trapper Killer

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Don't be a victim to pesky mosquitoes and the diseases they carry! Kill all mosquitoes, flies, and other insects in your home with this powerful Trapper Killer! Safe and easy to use, it'll guarantee you a mosquito-free summer. No more itchy bites!

Main Features:

  • Traps insects, flies, bugs, mosquitoes efficiently
  • Practical, safe, hygienic
  • Great for homes, restaurants, shops, and other indoor facilities
  • Battery: AA, frequency: 50Hz, motor power: 4W


    How to Use: 

    1. Prepare honey or sugar water as bait for mosquitoes and put it into the 5 pockets on trapper panel
    2. Put the trapper in a well-lit area
    3. Switch it on and the plates will start to rotate slowly
    4. When flies land on the bait, they will be trapped by the rotating plates and collected into the fly trapper box
    5. When many flies have been trapped, unplug the power supply, remove the clips from each side, remove the fly trapper box, add water and detergent to kill remaining mosquitoes
    6. Clean the fly trapper box and put it back for reuse
    7. When not in use, cut off from power supply to extend service life of motor and save electricity



    • Keep the motor and switch away from water
    • Check voltage before use



    Product Size

    7.9in/20cm x 2.8in/7cm

    Product Weight

    16oz / 460g

    Package Component

    1 x Mosquito Trapper Killer

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