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UltraBright 9W 6" Diameter LED Panel Light

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$21.99 Retail  $79.99

This 6-inch LED Recessed Lighting Fixture is a direct replacement for incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps traditionally used in recessed lights, it produces attractive general lighting for residential and commercial applications.

  • SAVE 87% INSTANTLY - Cut down your electricity bill by up to 87% by replacing 65W with 9W! 
  • 45,000 HOUR LIFETIME - With an astonishing life rating of 45,000 hours, or 21 years with 6 hrs/day of use, replacing your bulbs is now a thing of the past.
  • BRING OUTDOOR LIGHT INDOORS - CRI90+ technology provides near-sunlight quality light for true color rendering and consistency inside your home. Have sunlight on a cloudy day!
  • COMPLETE DIMMABILITY - Next-generation LED technology delivers seamless 100-10% dimming capabilities to your living room, dining room and bedroom for an inviting atmosphere.

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