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DIY Christmas Fun Decals Stickers - Just Peel and Stick!

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$9.99 Retail  $19.99

Scatter the stickers on all of the windows of your house to amp up holiday mood! These stickers are very easy to install, and they are reusable without leaving any sticky residues or damages to your window!

  • Easy to install. Just peel and stick.
  • Applies to any smooth surface - walls, glasses, tiles
  • Removable, repositionable, and reusable without leaving sticky residue or damage
  • Made of High Quality PVC

Where can I apply my decals?
You can place them on any smooth, flat, finished surface. This includes windows, bathrooms, doors, mirrors, whiteboards, furniture, lockers, laptops, iPads..

Bathroom - Yes! As long as the decals are pressed firmly to your tub, tile, or walls, they will be unaffected by steam, humidity, and even direct moisture.

Furniture - Yes, wall decals can be placed on furniture, but Do NOT apply wall decals to lacquered furniture.

Car – Yes! But, exposure to extreme temperatures may cause the decals to become brittle. However, rain and snow will not affect a decal that is properly applied to either the windshield or bumper.

How To Apply – it’s simple. Just peel and stick! 

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