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Collapsible Bucket (Up to 12 Litres) - Perfect Gear for Camping, Hiking & Travelling

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$14.99 Retail  $69.99
Great for camping, outdoors, road trips, travelling, emergency use, fishing, picnics even for washing dishes, hauling water, and washing clothes or cleaning your feet from sand when you are on the beach. They are designed to hold water wherever you are and saves space!
  • Multi-functional: No container to hold water for washing hands, dishes or laundry while camping? Tired of dirty and muddy cars because of encountering bad weather while traveling by car but hard to reach water? Fear not! These collapsible buckets are great for holding water, sand and fish etc while you are camping, having a picnic, hiking and other outdoor activities.

  • Portable: Never have to deal with heavy duty and space-occupied bucket again while traveling. You can put this bucket in the small corner of your car's trunk or even in your mountaineering bag. Collapses for easy storage. Say goodbye to old chunky containers!

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