DIY Hair Cutting Kit - Cut Your Own Hair at home!

The Deal is On!

$3.49 Retail  $29.99

Want to learn how to cut your own hair and still look like you just stepped out of the salon? There isn't a trick to learning how to cut your own hair--all you need is a little time and the right tools!

  • Everything You Need to Cut Your Own Hair at Home: Whether your hair is long, short , curly or straight, you can give yourself a professional cut at home with this trimmers and cutters. Save money from going to salon.
  • Perfectly Straight Bangs: Use the straight edge haircut clip to get your bangs cut to the perfect length. For different hairstyles, you can use rotating level for balanced and create precise cuts everytime.
  • Fitted For Everyone: Suitable for children, women and man. A great gift of beauty products for any occasion. 

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