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Instant 3D Invisible Silicone Push Up NuBra - Self Adhesive Wing

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$14.99 Retail  $59.99

A backless, strapless, self-adhesive bra from NuBra. The unique, super-light design provides maximum support and cleavage without binding bra straps. Each bra is reusable, and adheres to the skin with silicone adhesive. Apply each side, then connect with the clasp in the middle. Perfect under deep v neckline elegant ball gowns and low back dresses.

  • Silicone bra cups with adhesive inside cups for cleavage and lift. Built-in double thickness bump pad for cleavage enhancement.
  • Limitless clothing options with this backless reusable bra, perfect for swimsuits, halter, strapless low-cut evening gowns outfits and dresses.
  • The bra with clear adhesive wings gently adhere to skin, achieved a natural look in self-supportive push-up cups. Center clasp and front closure design for an easier on and off.

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