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Fabulous LED Magic Book Lamp - Perfect Gift for Book Lovers!

The Deal is On!

$36.99 Retail  $139.99

This is a beautiful light for any book lover! It's great as a night light because it adds a pleasant ambiance to the bedroom. The white is the brightest for reading, but the red, green, and blue leave a nice hue in the room to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. Plus it is rechargeable instead of requiring batteries. You can take it when you travel so that you will have a familiar night light wherever you are!

  • The magic book has 4 various colors of light. You can easily switch to each light preferred
  • Mysterious book light design. Surprise your friends or family when they come over
  • Long Operating Time: 5-6 hours
  • Easy to use. No button. No switch. No wire. Simply open the book to turn on the light and close to turn it off. Simple and effortless
  • USB Charging. Safe and convenient

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