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Nail Polish Bottle Holder Ring - Wear Your Polish While You Do Your Nails!

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$9.99 Retail  $39.99


Nail Polish has never been easier in the aid of this nail polish ring! It allows you to easily dip your brush and paint nails without fear of smudging or chipping!


Main Features:

  • Wearable nail polish bottle holder for doing your nails anywhere
  • Made of Silicone, soft and light-weight
  • Securely and comfortably fits all fingers and holds all nail polish sizes
  • Eliminates the need for a surface to place your polish bottle on
  • Easily open your nail polish bottle using one hand
  • Polish in a car, on a bed, standing, in a restroom, on a train or bus, at the pool or beach, on a couch or chair.. anywhere!



Product Size

2.04 x 2.04 x 2.20 inches

Product Weight

1.05 oz (30g)

Package Component

1 x Nail Polish Holder Ring


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