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Natural Loofah Back Scrubber Towel

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$4.59 Retail  $29.99


Use the Back Scrubber with your favorite bath or moisturizing soap. Works amazingly on your feet, smoothing and softens calloused, rough areas!


Main Features:

  • Gently massages away dead skin cells for healthy skin care whilst clean. Ideal to clean the back, neck, shoulders, feet, and hard to reach areas.
  • Loofah shower scrub belt features heavy-duty rope handles on either end for an easy grip. 
  • The extra long straps make it very convenient to reach the back and shoulders without being awkward and uncomfortable. No more missing the spot with the loofah belt!



Product Size

3.14 x 27.55 inches

Product Weight

2.15 oz (60g)

Package Component

1 x back scrubber towel

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