Perfect Waist Trimmer Corset

The Deal is On!

$13.99 Retail  $69.99

Reduce waistline up to 3 sizes instantly with this Perfect Waist Trimmer Corset!

  • Helps your body back pre-pregnancy shape sooner by improve balance and redistribute weight
  • Multi Functions Available: Use it for Postpartum Recovery, Lose Weight, Protecting Waist, Lift Hip, Abdomen Trimmer, Body Shaper, Tummy Trainer, Keep Slim, and etc
  • Easy To Use: 4 hook-and-eye closures for flexible sizing, 4 spiral flexible boning supports. flexible and durable, bend easily but recover quickly to origin; Adjustable to accommodate users with different needs.

Size Measurement:

L: 25 inches
XL: 26 inches
XXL: 27inches

**If it is tight,it means it works!You are supposed to pull sides to get it hooked on, but that's the idea.If it doesn't give compression, it won't shape your figure and help you lose inches

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