2 in 1 Slim Fit iPhone 6 3D VR Glasses Case - Watch 3D Movies Wherever and Whenever!

The Deal is On!

$12.99 Retail  $49.99

This terrific design makes 3d virtual glasses and high duty mobile phone shell combined together perfectly. It is so light that you can put it into your pocket. Use it to watch 3d movies wherever and whenever!

  • Protective Case for iPhone 6 Plus with 3D glasses for watching Virtual Reality Movies anytime anywhere. Virtual Reality Case gives you a sense of depth as you look in every direction. Near things look near, far things look far. Revel in delight as you experience content in an entirely new way
  • Special scratch-resistant lens covers that designed by professional team will protect the lenses from being scratched. The covers will hide the lenses well when we are not using the VR CASE. It supports to work as a phone case, a VR glasses and a phone holder.
  • It is a very compact and portable 3D glasses cover that allows putting in the pocket easily. Compared with other size bigger devices, it allows us to look around the outside world at any time. We will not feel being isolated and feel any troubles.

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