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Super Bright Mini USB LED Magnetic Lamp - Tiny and Bright!

The Deal is On!

$14.99 Retail  $49.99

This light is incredibly bright. The brightness is unexpected compared to the size, great to have for bedside reading and laptop use!

  • Soft warm white light, bright
  • Powered by any USB source, such as power bank, computer, laptop, or with the cellphone charger adapter
  • Creative Design with a metal Powerful magnet adsorption for portable to hang on or take down anytime anywhere. Design with a switch On/Off, no need to plug and unplug the USB port frequently
  • Low consumption, high brightness, stable performance made of high quality materials
  • Long service life, ensuring the normal use of more than 35,000 hours
  • Super bright LED USB light bulb suitable for camping, beach tent, travel, night market, dormitory, or emergency use

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