Tetris Stackable LED Lamp

The Deal is On!

$49.99 Retail  $179.99

This Tetris Stackable LED Lamp is an interlocking light with 7 interlocking pieces. The neon magic-cube design is sure to bring fun and style to your desktop. The 7 interlocking tetromino pieces can be stacked in any combination. The light turns on when the pieces are stacked together and it turns off when dissembled.

  • Interlocking tetromino pieces with 7 different-color that can be stacked in any combination
  • Light turns on when the pieces are stacked together, and off when dissembled
  • Perfect gift for all occasions and can be used to add a touch of multi-colored awesomeness to any room in your home or office.

Package Included:
7 x Interlocking Light Tetromino
AC Adaptor

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