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Toilet Seat Lift Handle - Stay Clean & Hygienic

The Deal is On!

$7.29 Retail  $19.99

Keep your hands and bottom clean and your toilet seat free of germs and bacteria thanks to toilet seat lift handle!

  • SAFER, HEALTHIER BATHROOM: Reduce the passing of germs and bacteria with an easy-to-use toilet lid lifter that keeps hands off the sitting area.
  • SMALL, DISCRETE DESIGN: A slim, inconspicuous handle that won't impact sitting comfort, it improves sanitary comfort in your home, office or restaurant.
  • GREAT FOR KIDS: Great for potty training your child, especially boys, so they can learn to lift the lid and avoid accidents or messes.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Simply peel, attach it to the lid, and enjoy!
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Perfect fit for any standard, slow close or specialty toilet seat.

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