By Hannah Jones,

Phone accessories that you won't be able to live without!

Our phones have slowly become our best friend and these days they aren’t cheap! They’re pretty much stuck to us at all times and travel with us wherever we go. We even use our phones for almost every task! Why not enhance the way you use your phone with some useful and affordable accessories? Here are 3 phone accessories that will change your life completely!

Love the pool? Be vacation ready with our Waterproof Floating Phone Pouch.

With Spring on the horizon, it’s the time of year to start planning our vacations. There’s nothing worse than having to worry about your phone by the seaside when you just want to unwind. Don’t forget to bring a Waterproof Floating Phone Pouch that will protect your phone while you lounge by the pool! This phone accessory is an absolute necessity for sun, sea and sand lovers that need their phone close by! Need to listen to music? Take it to the beach without the fear of getting sand or water anywhere near your precious phone! Need a dip in the pool? Have a stress-free swim with your valuables close by! Zip up other small items like money, coins, keys or whatever you need! With its touchscreen features, you can also browse the net, text or try taking some underwater photography!



Make driving smooth sailing with our stylish Magnetic Dash Mount Kit.

Are you one of those people that uses their phone for absolutely everything? To get you from A to B, for important work calls and emails or just to stay up to date with friends and family? We understand that you need it accessible at all times. Fumbling around with numerous phone holders, devices and contraptions can be frustrating. The extra strong, sleek and stylish Magnetic dash Mount kit can rotate 360 degrees easily switching your device between portrait and landscape mode. Grab your phone and go whenever you need it, play music or load your GPS for easy navigation. No more losing your phone down the side of the car seat, the dash mount kit will be the perfect accessory when you’re on the road.


Convenient wireless phone charging with the Phantom Qi Wireless Phone Charger.

Have you ever been in a rush but you desperately need to charge your phone, and of course, your charging cable is nowhere to be found? Discover the convenience of wireless phone charging with the Phantom Qi Wireless Phone Charger. It can save you lots of time and stress when you need a charger asap! Just place your phone on the charging plate and get on with whatever you need to do while it charges away! Perfect for fast and efficient charging with a handy anti-slip design and no more messy wires! Grab it when you need to go!


Having these 3 effective phone gadgets will add extra convenience to your daily routine. Make your life easier this Spring/Summer with these incredibly useful mobile phone accessories that will change your life!

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