Father's Day 2018

By Laura Ashley,

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Show your love and appreciation for Dad on his big day! Think outside the box to find him the perfect gift and make him feel like the greatest dad of all time! Don’t have an idea for a gift yet? Don’t panic! Figure out his hobbies and interests first, then you can go from there...

For the Energetic Athlete Dad

Is your dad a cyclist? Gear him up with the LED Bike Lights that illuminate his path brightly to ensure a safer ride at night. To add special lighting effects, try the colorful Bike Wheel Tire Light, which will add many different flash patterns to his wheels while helping him stay visible to car drivers at night. For a dad whose passion lies in skiing or other winter sports, the Fleece Ski Mask and Waterproof Ski Gloves have been proven to be heartwarming gifts. They will keep his face and hands cozy no matter how cold it gets outside. For the Athlete Dad, taking good care of his health is very important. He will truly appreciate it!

For the Adventurous Traveler Dad

The Trekking Pole and the Outdoor Backpack serve the dad who seeks challenges and adventures! When he goes backpacking again, kindly remind him to bring these useful gadgets! The foldable trekking pole is ideal for hiking and easy to pack, while the backpack is waterproof and protects all his belongings from rain or mud. For a dad who travels in a more relaxed, leisurely fashion, get him the Frog Eye Mask for quality sleep time on planes and in hotels. If your dad travels internationally a lot, get him an American Flag Passport Holder to prevent his passport from wrinkling up and protect it from dirt. If he drinks coffee everyday, he can make his coffee with one press of a button with the Self Stirring Lazy Mug, an ideal travel mug that saves all the hassle!

For the Tech Savvy Dad

Save him the trouble of dealing with messy wires when listening to music with headphones! With the Bluetooth Smart Beanie, fashion and technology are merged into one, and he can talk on the phone or listen to music while walking outside or working out in the gym. He’ll become the coolest dad around! Another nifty gadget he might enjoy is the USB Lighter Watch, a watch that allows him to light a fire wherever and whenever he needs it. He can definitely show it off when he goes camping! If your dad is a combination of Tech Dad and Travel Dad, get him the Camera Waist Buckle, which secures his camera around the hips and prevents shoulder or neck strain. Let him travel effortlessly and capture all the cherished moments with his camera!

For the Earthy Gardener Dad

Is your dad a nature-lover who takes pride in his garden? For a dad devoted to plants and flowers, the Folding Shovel that easily digs holes in the ground and scoops out rocks will come in handy all the time. In addition, bring his favorite plant indoors with this rustic Glass Bulb Vase Set, a quaint little piece of decor for his desk or counter space. If your dad fancies creative garden decor, help him discover his inner designer with this DIY Pavement Mold. He can change and color the landscape in his yard however he wants. You can join him too for some quality family bonding time!

For the Master Chef Dad

For the dad who always cooks delicious meals for the family, get him the Easy Food Chopper that chops up fresh ingredients evenly and efficiently so that he can whip up his own original sauces! Your dad will also have a fun time with the Sushi Rolling Kit that pops out perfectly formed bite-sized sushi rolls! Who knows? He may just cultivate a new talent for Asian cuisines. When he finishes cooking and unplugs the kitchen appliances, he can place the plug on this little Mr. Chef Power Plug Holder. It can hold keys too!

For the Star Wars Fan Dad

Is your dad a diehard Star Wars fan? Honor his favorite space-traveling starship with this unique Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener and Death Star Ice Mold that can give him a little piece of Star Wars in his drinks! If your Star Wars Fan Dad also happens to be a Chef Dad, do not miss this Death Star Grinder for his herbs and spices!



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Great post!

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definitely getting the bluetooth beanie for dad

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The bike wheel lights look pretty cool! I wanna get some for myself too.

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