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11" Turntable Rotating Cake Stand

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$19.99 Retail  $69.99


Great for both left-handed and right-handed decorators, the rotating cake stand turns smoothly clockwise and counter-clockwise on a hidden ball-bearing track. Easily locks in place when desired for steady lettering and delicate flowers placing. The non-slip design of the 11-inch platform has a soft-grip ring molded into it to keep your cake in place.


Main Features:

  • Cake-decorating turntable makes it simple to decorate professional-looking desserts at home
  • 11-inch platform with soft-grip ring and smooth-rolling track; works left or right handed
  • Offers ergonomic height and locks to ensure sturdy use
  • Holds cakes up to 11 inches; removable platform for easy cleanup



Product Size

11.02 x 11.02 x 2.75 inches

Product Weight

16.57 oz (470g)

Package Component

1 cake stand 



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