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2 Pcs Automatic Drip Watering Device

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$11.99 Retail  $39.99

When you are on a trip or traveling, this automatic water globe will benefit you greatly. This watering device is automatic, and suitable for seeding and planting 

  • Ideal irrigation tool for you and your family!
  • Used for houseplants, hanging plants and patio plants
  • Size: 11*3cm


  • Put the earthen part of the product into the water soak for 10 minutes. 
  • Prepare water containers filled with water (a narrow bottle, such as mineral water bottles). 
  • Make sure the ceramic part is filled with water. 
  • Make sure the pottery pieces filled with water.

Tips :

  • Use 2 pieces if the diameter of vase is more than 20 cm or need more water.
  • Fill up the water so that it is higher than the vase.
  • Repeat the above operation steps if it doesn't work.
  • Please clean / rinse the devices after 1 month of use for best performance.

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