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3D Mosaic Heat Resistant Self-Adhesive Wallpaper - Perfect for Backsplash, Bathroom, and Kitchen

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Upgrade your kitchen with these effortless heat resistant mosaic wallpaper!

  • Made with aluminium foil, this product is stronger against fire than normal PVC sheet 
  • Easy construction: It can be applied on the curved surface and angled surface. And you can cut it with scissors or cutter for your preferred shape, so that you can use it not only the wall. 
  • Self-Adhesive for effortless installation
  • Easy to clean, anti-grease, waterproof
  • Product dimension: 17.7" X 27.6"


  1. Completely remove dust, moist, and oil on the surface you want to attach 
  2. Detach the back sheet a little (start with the projected area - please refer to the photo image) and locate it and attach on the surface 
  3. Detach the back sheet inch by inch and attach it by scrubbing with dry towel, preventing the air from permeating 
  4. Scrub in-and-out with dry towel to remove the air inside
Please do not attach on rough or bumpy surface and stay away from fire at least 10 inches (maximum heat tolerate of 300 Fahrenheit)


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