Inflatable Serving Bar - Great Party Helper to Keep Food & Drink Cold

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Use these to keep foods & drinks cold for hours; just inflate this serving bar, add ice, and voila. 

Main Features:

      • Easy to carry anywhere: weights less than 1 pound but large enough to hold multiple bowls, dishes, and drinks
      • Reusable: just drain, deflate, dry, and store it for the next party
      • Great for parties & events, camping, family reunions, by the pool 
      • Made of BPA free material


      Product Size 130×60×13cm / 51.18x23.6x5.11in
      Product Weight 445 g / 15.69oz
      Package Component 1 x inflatable serving bar
      Customer Reviews
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      Angelita Z.
      Great for outdoor BBQ's

      If you are serving food that needs to be kept cool these pools allow you to sit the bowls on ice. The pools have a drain plug in case the ices melts. I have not used that because the water would run all over the table. I just wait until the food is put away or gone before dumping the water out. I just ordered 3 more. After 4 years 2 of my pools quit holding air. That should be expected since they are like sturdy blow up pool floaties or beach balls.

      Myrtis W.
      ... a party of almost 50 guests and these were perfect for keeping all the cold toppings at just the ...

      Worked great ! Kept salads and dips cold. We wrapped a plastic tablecloth around them before filling with ice so they would match our theme :)

      Mayra S.
      Great price and product

      These worked great for my grad party. Used 2 for salads and cold dishes and then used 1 for water bottles with labels on table. Really nice look on candy table with all of drinks. Would recommend these. I will use them again for nieces baby shower and for family gatherings. Great price and didn’t have and leakage. No water spills, but when you are ready to empty ice, use 2 people.. LOL.. Unles you want to get wet.

      Aniyah H.
      Really Nice !!

      I bought these for my family reunion because I was in charge of the cold salads. I filled the bottoms with ice and set the containers and trays in them. I got so many compliments on them. They plastic is really thick and durable and only took a couple minutes to blow up.

      Lizeth H.
      Great Way to Cool

      These worked great for my sons wedding. Absolutely loved them and they added a nice touch to the tables. They do have these at the party store but the price you get for these is well worth it. Just one of them is like $24 bucks where I live, so 3 for the price I paid, uhh yeah!! You won't regret buying them.

      Karelle B.
      Worked out great for our party

      These worked great! Used the included hand pump to blow up. When you start you think it will take forever, but then all of a sudden they are fully inflated. Took under 5 minutes for each one.

      Kathleen S.
      Ice Boats

      I am using these for ice boats for displays at professional food show events. They inflate easily, don't leak, and hold up very well for our presentations. The price is at a point that we can dispose of them at the end of the meeting and skip the step of clean up and transport. They hold cold very well for the 4 to 6 hours we use them.

      Althea D.
      Worked great

      The pump that comes with these inflatables does not make inflating them any easy then blowing up yourself. That is the only downfall about these. They are not bulky, easy to move around, draining them can be a bit tricky if they had more ice, but overall they were so great I got move to give as gifts!! Definitely would recommend these for anyone who caters, has cookouts or parties, or just anyone!!!

      Jessika R.
      Worked as advertised

      Great quality. Honestly assumed they would only last for the 1 party, but we have used them twice now and they are now neatly folded for the next one. They are really good quality...they do come with a repair patch, but haven’t needed it yet.

      Vita V.
      Worked Perfectly

      These worked perfect for my party! I didn't realize you get 3 in an order. Such a good deal. I was looking for a cheaper alternative than renting a chafing dish($75 each) or buying mutiple ($30+ each) and I came across these. They are huge and was able to fit 2 17"x13" pans with having plenty of room in the middle and sides for ice. Being in the restaurant business and taking food safety classes I am very particular about cold holding tempature. We had the food out for 6 hours on a 105 degree day and everything stayed cold and fresh for our guests.

      Brisa A.
      Must have!!!

      I was super happy to have these at my catered event. I put drinks in one, and cold foods in the other. They are such a great size I only needed to use two.

      Elena M.
      Family Event Usage

      I didn't get the "bling bling" w/ lights but I don't need that. I got what I needed and at a great price for three to use for big hawaiina family gatherings. Thank you for such an affordable product at a great price. Aloha, greg

      Brisa H.
      So convenient

      When I received these I was really surprised on the quality. I somewhat expected these to be a thin material like pool rafts but they are a lot thicker and better quality. I used 2 of these outside for drinks and 1 inside to keep food cold as it sat on my kitchen counter. The great thing is these were fairly inexpensive for the quality they are and I will be able to use these several more times for future events at my house or friends houses.

      Graciela J.
      Perfect party solution

      I actually purchased them for my dog to float in the pool, but I gifted them instead.

      Julie L.
      Great quality.

      They kept things cold and weren't too bad to fill up. My only complaint is the valve in the mouth piece is a newer version of the beach ball I grew up with. It is not easily bypassed with a drink straw like the old ones were. The women of the family figured it out, but the guys' side wasted time trying to cheat it and had issues with it. Cant count it against the mini-raft though... it did its job!

      Stacy W.

      We recently used one for a child's birthday party. It held up great under the use of several people including many small children. Easy in inflate and deflate and to clean.

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