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Instant Cooling Pad with Phase Change Material - No Leaks!

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$24.99 Retail  $69.99

This versatile cooling pad is filled with phase change material for hours of comfort. Use it on your pillow, your office chair or in your car to enjoy a cool surface for hours. Once the pad stops absorbing heat, lay it flat or place it in a cool environment to quickly restore it to a cooling state!

  • Cooling pad safely provides a cool surface for sleeping, seating, pets, laptops and more
  • Phase change material provides active cooling by changing phases from solid to liquid state
  • Reusable pad stays cool for hours, then can be renewed by laying the pad on a flat surface 
  • Channels ensure even cooling across the surface of the pad and the plastic cover can be wiped clean
  • Cooling pad measures 11.81" X 15.75"

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