2 Packs LED Road Flares Flashing Warning Light

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Travel safely with a Warning LED Light on hand! When you have to stop on the highway because of an obstacle, warn other drivers so that they slow down and stop their vehicles in time. It is also a lifesaver when you need to send an SOS signal. Give yourself a greater peace of mind with this powerful light!


Main Features:

  • Very bright warning light
  • 3 bulbs on the front and 12 bulbs on the sides, 10 flashing modes
  • Press power button to change flash modes, double press quickly to light up the 3 front bulbs, turn it off with a long hold
  • Strong magnet and loop on back, attachable in different ways, easily attachable to latch, tree, tent, etc.
  • Perfect light for SOS or roadside emergency situations, warns approaching vehicles effectively
  • Waterproof, shockproof, durable
  • Material: TPR for outside and PC for inside
  • 3 AAA batteries required
  • Available in Orange



Product Size Diameter: 9.9cm/3.9inch
Height: 3.5cm/1.4inch
Product Weight 150g/5.29oz
Package Component 2 x LED Lights


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John S.

Safety First

They are super strong. Used them while unloading cars on busy streets at night. Felt safer with them out and on. Also on the highway when brokedown. Plenty of notification for vehicles coming up on you.

John Swanson verified customer review of 2 Packs LED Road Flares Flashing Warning Light

I love these road flares

I love these road flares. I used some of these that are similar at work. Love them. However, if using these next to the road, beware of drunks. These sort of lights seems to attract drunks rather than warn them. Highly recommend these flares.

RotorDaddy verified customer review of 2 Packs LED Road Flares Flashing Warning Light
Gary B. Katz

Peace of mind in your car

I haven't had to use these in any emergency, but I like knowing if I get a flat tire or something at night, other drivers will see me from far away. They come with batteries, which not all brands do. I just hope the supplied batteries are good quality, because weather fluctuations can trigger leakage in devices sitting in a car's trunk. I suppose it would be prudent to check the battery compartment of each unit, at the end of each season.

Gary B. Katz verified customer review of 2 Packs LED Road Flares Flashing Warning Light
Pizza T.

The magnets also work very well (the best test, at home

I have purchased many “sets” of these road flares, for my car and also for my various family members to have in their own cars, in case any roadside emergencies occur. These are very well made (e.g., weather-proof, too); I am saying this, because I have bought so many and I have tested each and every road flare with batteries and cycled through all of the potential settings for the flashing lights, so that I could confirm that each of them works well, before I share these with other people.

Pizza The Hut verified customer review of 2 Packs LED Road Flares Flashing Warning Light

Get these!

Long review, but worth the read. If you don’t already have these in your car emergency kit, get them now. I live in the south where most streets aren’t very well lit. I also live in the woods on top of a mountain that has lots of blind curves and isn’t lit, at all. I bought a set for both of my vehicles to use in case we had a roadside repair and needed to alert drivers we were there. These are magnetic so you can stick them on your car, or place them on the road to give people some warning before they are right up on you. The light pattern can be changed as well (solid, flashing, sos). My husband is a volunteer firefighter. A couple weeks ago he was working a car accident (driver didn’t survive, crash scene took a while to clear) on our mountain, in the middle of the night, on a blind curve. These lights probably saved their lives. We are in a rural area, so the mountain volunteer firefighters are usually on scene well before police and ambulance arrive. My husband stuck these lights on the road prior to the blind curve where they were working. Had drivers not had that advanced warning, things could have been a lot worse. I am going to buy a second set for each car so that we can really light up our dark roads and warn oncoming drivers.

helton22 verified customer review of 2 Packs LED Road Flares Flashing Warning Lighthelton22 verified customer review of 2 Packs LED Road Flares Flashing Warning Light

Use this product on your “slow children” sign

I LOVE this product!! We used these lights on our stroller on Halloween which were great because we were super visible at night. **I also put the lights on our “slow children” sign we put out when the kids are playing in the cul de sac in the evening ( since it is really dark at 6:30pm now that we are getting close to winter) . Everyone slows down when they see it! I 100% recommend this product!! **Use this product with the ‘be-seen arm bands’ (I put them on my kids arms ) and you are set!!

Maz verified customer review of 2 Packs LED Road Flares Flashing Warning Light
Cara K.

NICE LED flares w/ good visibility

ON the car/van/tailgate these work FANTASTIC b/c the projected light from the sides light up the body of your vehicle as well as being seen from straight on (top view if flare is placed ON back of your vehicle). Even when placed flat on the road have very good visibility. I had concerns b/c flare is a little bigger than a hockey puck and I'm used to TALL traditional roadside flares. But these are VERY safe (no fire; faulty ignition of traditional flare; no sulfur or burning molten Sulphur from traditional flare. The spinning light mode is probably the best.

Cara K. verified customer review of 2 Packs LED Road Flares Flashing Warning Light
R. Mullen

Easy to use

These are very easy to use, just push a button to turn them on and to choose which signal you want to flash. Very bright and easily seen for quite a distance they should be in everyone's car. I bought them for myself , my wife and for my children.


An important safety devise for all cars!

These are great to have around with all the different type of settings. I liked them so much I bought them for Christmas gifts...wish I would have had them when my car broke down at night on a curvy hill.


crazy good range of flash patterns

I had looked at this, and then it came up on Prime Day, so I grabbed it. It has a magnet in the base, not around perimeter, and has a hanger. There are about six different flash patterns (slow, fast, double, triple, circling) and a flashlight mode - nobody is going to miss this! I put one into each of the cars (me, spouse, adult son) - we all drive part of the year in the dark (winter in Midwest). These are low cost and could be given to someone who needs assistance. Haven't used them for emergencies yet (hopefully, never), but happy to have them available.


Mainly for use at night, The LEDs are not ...

Mainly for use at night, The LEDs are not bright enough to be a prevalent warning in traffic during the day. If this is of importance to you, then look for units that incorporate more than one LED per "window".

James S.

Warning Lights

I use these because I'm a night truck driver and go on some roads or highway that or very dark and if my truck ever breaks down you can warn other drivers by far blocks away before they past you so they are warned and go to next lane so much better than the three reflective triangles at night. It would look like ur coming up on a emergency vehicle..



Went out to Big Bear one weekend and got caught on some black ice where we did a complete 360, thankfully everyone and my car was okay. This was the perfect to have placed on the ground and stick to my car (magnet), the lights are super bright and obvious for any one passing by. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to keep in your car!

square d.

Good emergency light

Good emergency light. Played with it. Several veriations settings to blink. Good to have for a break down on a darker road. Vehicle Emergency flashers are not that great. This warning light will get other drivers attention. Also has a flashlight mode. Put one in each vehicle.

Terry R.

Good item

Gave them out the friends - workers, very impressed

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