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8 in 1 Premium Garden Hose Nozzle - Perfect for Watering Plants, Car Wash, Showering Pets!

The Deal is On!

$16.99 Retail  $79.99


Use this 8 in 1 Premium Garden Hose Nozzle to do LOTS of things because it is simply handy!


Main Features:

  • Eight spray settings - Mist, Cone, Rinse, Stream, Shower, Jet, Center, Flat
  • Built-in Soap Dispenser: Mixes Soap or Fertilizer, 3-Way Foam Flow Control Switch
  • Can Be Switched Between Foaming and Rinsing
  • Convenient and easy use front switch
  • Multi-point injection


Where We can Use:

  • All kinds of washing cars, motorcycles, electric vehicles. 
  • Home cleaning, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, hallway, windows, floors. 
  • The family lawn, garden spray. Balcony flower watering, dust. 
  • Your beloved pet.



Product Size

8.0 x 5.7 inches

Product Weight

11.46 oz (325g)

Package Component

1 x garden hose nozzle

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