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Solar Powered Pest Repeller - Say Goodbye to Moles!

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$17.99 Retail  $79.99

Use this solar powered pest repeller to keep moles, gophers, voles, badgers, mice and snakes away from your lawn, gardens and yards forever!

  • Easy installation. Safe and clean. Unltrasonic and solar technology, without using dangerous toxins or traps.
  • Solar powered repeller. Easy and safe to use. Plug in the garden and turn on the switch. No additional battery or cable needed.
  • The repeller produces a sonic tone underground at 30 sec intervals, over an area of about 6000 sq feet to drive them out. If you had a big yard, it will be more effective to put several units.

Installation Tips:

  • The unit is designed to be used outdoor for it to receive enough sunlight
  • The spike should be firmly planted while leaving the base of the head 3"to 4" above the ground

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