Temperature Controlled Color Changing LED Faucet (No Battery / Electricity Needed)

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Let the color warn you about the water temperature. Don't get burnt!


Main Features:

  • LED light is activated when the faucet senses water flow
  • 3 colors changing, LED color changes according to water temperature:
    • 32°C or below, the light will show blue
    • 33°C - 40°C, the light will turn green
    • 41°C - 45°C, the light will turn red
    • above 50°C, red light will flash automatically to warn you that the water is too hot
  • Transforms the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light
  • No batteries and external power supply required
  • 0.94 inch (24mm) screw diameter fits on most taps
  • Easy to install and remove



Product Size

1.29 x 0.94 x 0.94 inches

Product Weight

0.7 oz (22g)

Package Component

 1 LED Faucet

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