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Universal Lit Up Glove - A Torch Light That Never Drops!

The Deal is On!

$17.99 Retail  $39.99


Lit Up Glove is THE flashlight that you will never drop and provide light where you need it. It is specifically designed for your left or right hand and made out of strong durable neoprene which is long lasting and waterproof!


Main Features:

  • Adjustable magic strap
  • Easy turn on and off design
  • Waterproof with two led flashlights
  • Made from comfortable stretchy neoprene material
  • Great for handy work at night, night fishing and outdoor sports



Product Size

One size fits all

Product Weight

0.8 oz (24g)

Package Component

 1 right-hand glove/ 1 left-hand glove (at your request)

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