By Hannah Jones,

Finally you’ve got some time to redo your home but still need to stay on a budget? Why not try doing it yourself as you will definitely save a lot more than hiring a pro. Give yourself a small or big task and make your home truly your own with DIY projects. Even if it may not turn out as perfect as a professional’s work, at least you’ll take away the experience and value of it. There are many ways for you to increase the value of your home, however makeover prices can range from as little as $10 to $100 or even more. Some of them are so expensive that it will put you off on the whole thing. If you’re on a budget then only invest in the areas that’s worth your money. If you want a noticeable transformation, you should focus on the larger spaces of your home like your walls, flooring and ceilings.



Stylish Adhesive Films and Extra Lighting

Not satisfied with your kitchen and bored of the same old style? Upgrade your kitchen to a more sleeker design that you would want to spend more time cooking and cleaning the dishes! Applying Stainless Steel Adhesive Film over your old appliances will give an instant change and the completed look will look modern and elegant. You can get a big roll of this for as little as $20 which will be enough for your refrigerator, dishwasher and counter tops. Waking up to the sunshine is always glorious! Brighten up your kitchen naturally with LED Panel Lights that provide near-daylight quality light for true color rendering and consistency inside your home!



Textured Wallpapers will add a whole new dimension

The walls are the most valuable part of home decoration and plays a big part in design as it covers the most area of your home. When you change your walls, it will be like moving to a new house! Stylish Self-adhesive and eco-friendly wallpapers will compliment your home, plus they are easy to apply, clean and remove. If you want your home to look bright and comfortable, choose light colored wallpapers with less patterns. If you want your wallpaper to have some texture and realistic appeal, 3D Brick Wall Wallpapers are good choice for an urban chic theme feel. Choose colors and textures that will compliment and match your home setting and furnitures nicely.



Inexpensive Tiles or Vinyl Floor Cloths


Flooring could cost you a lot but you are not out of luck because there are always alternatives. These days you can even get adhesive tiles for creating your own style which is super easy to apply and takes no time at all. If you want something that is easy to remove, try Vinyl floor cloths that are thicker and more durable than rugs to cover your floor and the best thing is they are easy to clean and can be cut into different sizes to fit your room.

Home makeovers don’t always have to be expensive. Find a solution if you want a particular change and see if you can do it yourself to keep costs low. Nowadays things are made a lot easier for everyone, like how you can find anything on the internet and learn just about anything you want on youtube. Just get the right products you need and change big areas in the home like the walls, ceiling and flooring that friends and family will find it hard to miss.



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