6 Summer Celebration Must-Haves!

By Hannah Jones,

It’s the 4th of July! Celebrations are everywhere and it doesn’t look like they’re about to stop anytime soon! Party on long into the weekend with these 6 celebration must-haves!


1. Firework Lights
When you see fireworks, you instantly think of an amazing celebration so why not have them in your garden, all year round! These Copper Firework Lights look just like the real thing and are the perfect lighting for your backyard.


2. BBQ Non-Stick Grilling Mats
No Summer celebration is complete without a Summer BBQ! Getting people together, having some great food and drink in the sunshine is an excellent idea. Make your grilling time quicker and easier with these BBQ Non-Stick Grilling Mats. Grill, stir fry or even crack an egg on these non-toxic mats while also making the next day’s washing up super easy! No more messy grills!


3. Easy Drinker Belt
Let’s face it, you can’t have a BBQ without some Summer drinks! Be the life of the party with this Easy Drinker Belt. Keep your guests refilled all day long so they can carry on celebrating, they’ll love you for it!


4. Magic Party Light-Up Cups
When the party turns into a nighttime celebration, impress everyone with these Magic Party Light-Up Cups. They are liquid-activated, so they’ll light up as soon as you pour the first drink!


5. Solar-Powered LED Fairy Lights
Summer garden celebrations are not complete without some ambient lighting. Make your backyard well lit with pretty fairy lights around. There’s nothing worse than trying to have a good time outdoors while continually looking for where you placed something. Create the perfect atmosphere with these Solar-Powered LED Fairy Lights!


6. Party Game Shot Spinner
Can you really call it a celebration or a party if there aren’t any party games? Get the party started and liven up your celebration with this Party Game Shot Spinner! Spin the hand and if it lands on you, you drink! Who will drink next?


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