4 Healthy Eating Gadgets You Need!

By Hannah Jones,

Summer is upon us and we’ve been waiting for our fix of fresh fruit, salad bowls, homegrown vegetables, and outdoor meals! It’s the time we want to get healthy and get beach body ready while still consuming delicious eats! I’ve collated a list of our 4 essential healthy eating gadgets that’ll help prepare your Summer meals effortlessly!


1. Vegetable Spiralizer
Replace your carb-heavy pasta, starchy rice and potatoes with vegetables! It can be hard to think of what to eat when you cut down on your carbohydrates, but this handy Vegetable Spiralizer makes your vegetables into healthy “spaghetti!” Try it out on your carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, and even turnips!


2. Easy Salad Cutter Bowl
Are you a keen cook with an eye for detail, especially when it comes to cooking for friends and family? Get perfectly sliced Lettuce with this Easy Salad Cutter Bowl! It helps you get long, evenly sliced lettuce without any slipping or sliding. Cut your salad in seconds and be sure to impress your guests with some picture-perfect greens!


3. Herb Stripper
You’ve been working on your herb garden all Spring and now they are ready to eat! Enjoy some freshly stripped herbs in your healthy meal with this Herb Stripper! This quick and easy device helps to keep all that flavor locked in by tearing the herbs directly from their stem. Get quick and easy herbs with a fresher, healthier taste!


4. 3 in 1 Avocado Slicer
Anybody who loves healthy food also loves a ripe avocado! Avocados are extremely nutritious and are packed with heart-healthy fats, and let’s face it, they taste incredible too! Split, pit, slice and scoop them quickly and easily with a 3 in 1 Avocado Slicer! Your essential avocado tool for guacamole, avo on toast and chopped Summer salad!



These 4 Healthy Eating Gadgets will be sure to upgrade your freshly made Summer meals and help you to stay fit and healthy, try them out for yourself!

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