5 Benefits of Dogs in the Workplace

By Hannah Jones,

More and more offices every day are adopting the idea of having a dog-friendly workplace. Companies are beginning to see the advantages of having dogs in the office. For the employees, for the company as a whole and even for the dogs themselves. Here are 5 benefits of having dogs in the workplace!

1. Increases Morale and Communication
When a dog greets you, it’s an instant mood booster! As well as lifting spirits, it’s a great way of getting employees to relax and communicate better with each other. That kind of feeling only comes from the unconditional love of a pooch!


2. Reduces Stress and Increases Productivity
Many studies show that dogs can help to reduce stress levels, and with employees that are less stressed, productivity soars! Taking some time out during a workday to play, stroke or even just watch a happy dog can uplift anyone making employees work harder.

3. Dogs Get Socialized
Rather than leaving your furry friend at home, bringing your dog to work means it has the chance to socialize, get out of the house and be around people in the daytime. Instead of waiting for their owner to come for hours, they can be spoiled with attention!


4. Employee Convenience
As well as keeping your dog socialized, bringing a dog to the office is extremely convenient for the owner. Instead of spending the day checking up on their dog using doggy cams and baby radios, employees can worry less and concentrate more. No more expensive doggy daycares or ruined furniture!

5. Better Company Culture
Having happier employees means a better company culture. Dog-friendly workplaces attract like-minded employees and provide a great incentive! This can in-turn attract top industry talent and improve the atmosphere and success. While other companies can give you the normal medical benefit, bringing your dog to work is becoming hugely popular!


Overall, having a dog in the workplace is a big win for the employees, the company and even your beloved pooch!

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Created on Posted by Brenda Myers Comment Link

I been bringing my 13 yr old lab for about 6 months now. She enjoys it and the employees love it :)

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