5 Vacation Must-Haves

By Hannah Jones,

Vacation season is here and it’s the perfect time to take a break from reality and the day-to-day grind! On your next getaway, make sure to pack these 5 Vacation Must-Haves to make your trip the best one yet!

1. Inflatable Outdoor Air Lounger
Have you ever been to a sandy beach and all you have is a thin blanket? In some destinations, the search for a great sunbed spot can be tiring, or even expensive! This Inflatable Outdoor Air Lounger is the perfect solution! Fill with air, place in your ideal spot and get your relaxation on!

2. Waterproof Floating Pouch
Keep your phone and belongings with you at all times! In the ocean, in the pool or even on a long hike in the rain! This Waterproof Floating Pouch protects your valuables as well as staying afloat so you’ll never lose it! The transparent plastic also helps you take some great underwater pics!

3. Sand-Free Beach Mat
You have the romantic idea of setting up a beach blanket, opening some champagne and snacking on some tasty treats while watching the sun go down. But there’s one problem, the sand! Avoid getting sand everywhere and watch it dissolve away through this Sand-Free Beach Mat! Problem solved!

4. Luggage Weighing Scale
You’ve perfectly packed everything or alternatively, you’ve thrown everything into a bag in a last-minute rush! Then you ask yourself, “What does it weigh?” No need to somehow drag your luggage onto a floor scale. Hang it on this handy Luggage Weighing Scale and off you go!

5. Rechargeable Portable Mini Fan
Moaning about the cold weather and then whining about the heat? that’s just what us humans do! Everybody needs their dose of vitamin D on vacation, but try not to overheat getting it! Take this Rechargeable Portable Mini Fan with you wherever you go to avoid being a ball of sweat!


So before jet setting, be fully prepared and make sure to pack these 5 Vacation Must-Haves to seriously upgrade the entire experience!

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