7 Amazing Ways to Relieve Stress!

By Hannah Jones,

Maybe some people are better at dealing with stress than others. But when the going gets tough, you may need a little help to relieve all that built up stress! Here are 7 ways to help you relieve stress and to have you feeling zen in no time!

1. Punch it out with the Desk Punching Bag!
Is work your main cause of stress? Instead of building it up during the day, why not try punching it out on this Desk Punching Bag! Much better than taking it out on your colleagues!


2. Rest your eyes with a Memory Foam Eye Mask
Do you spend most of the day on a computer, staring at your phone and then evenings in front of the TV? Rest your precious eyes with a Memory Foam Eye Mask and see the difference it makes!


3. DIY reflexology with a Foot Massage Roller!
Commuting to your job, running around after the kids or spending the whole day on your feet rushing can have you feeling drained! Massage your feet on this roller every evening and give yourself some DIY reflexology!


4. Explore the benefits of Himalayan Salt Crystals
Do you believe the buzz around Himalayan Salt Crystals and their ability to calm, de-stress and relax your mind? Why not go down the natural route and try them for yourself with a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp!


5. Make a hot drink with Mr. Tea Infuser!
Sometimes all you need after a truly agonizing day is a hot drink and a blanket to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Snuggle up with Mr. Tea and feel your stresses melt away!


6. Booze it up with friends with a Shot Spinner!
So maybe your problems are bigger than what a hot drink can solve! Gather your best pals and play a game with this Shot Spinner to let off some steam. Soon you’ll be thinking “what stress?”


7. Escape your problems and take a vacation with an Inflatable Pizza Float!
Love pizza and a good poolside vacation? Pack up your troubles and don’t forget to bring an Inflatable Pizza Float! Relax and float away on your giant pizza slice and forget about the stress back home, you can deal with that later!


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