7 Closet Essentials Every Woman Needs!

By Hannah Jones,

Let’s face it, we all love the getting ready process. Playing music, sifting through your closet and making a little effort with your hair and face! It just feels good. Has jazzing up your closet been on your mind this Spring? Here are 7 Closet Essentials every woman needs to seriously upgrade the getting ready process!


1. Over-the-door Shoe Organizer 
Shoes, great to buy, a nightmare to store. If stacking your shoes up in boxes or stuffing them in a shoe cabinet isn’t really your thing, this Over-the-door Shoe Organizer is the perfect solution. It’s discreet, saves heaps of space as well as helping to keep your beautiful shoes protected.



2. Trouser Hanger Rack
Trousers can take up a lot of room in your wardrobe as well as creasing up and falling off hangers. This handy Trouser Hanger Rack is great way to store your freshly ironed trousers. It’s adjustable so you can save hanging space as well as keeping your trousers nice and tidy.



3. DIY Drawer Organizer Divider
Have you opened your drawers recently and realised what a mess they are? Finally get around to sorting them out with this handy Drawer Organizer Divider. Create the sections you need and keep your makeup, accessories, perfume and jewelry perfectly in place.



4. Motion-Sensored LED Light Strip
Is your closet in a dark room or space? If it’s a struggle to see all the clothes you have, you might need a Motion Sensor LED Light Strip! Durbale, flexible and energy conserving, this handy little light strip can make all the difference when getting ready, especially on those cold, dark winter mornings!



5. Hair Dryer Hanger
An absolute necessity in our lives - the hair dryer! But where or how is the best place to store it? The most common way is to roll it up and put in a drawer, or leave it plugged in to have somebody else trip over it! This Hair Dryer Hanger will solve this problem once and for all. Just hang it up in your closet or bathroom to keep it up and away and easy to access next time!


6. Jewelry Hanging Organizer
It’s all about the accessories! We spend a lot of money on jewelry and it’s a real shame when they rust, get discolored or break. Be smart with your jewelry storage and make it last for years! This extremely useful Jewelry Hanging Organizer discreetly hangs up in your closet. It has a combination of clear pockets and velcro straps to keep your accessories untangled and protected.


7. Hexagonal Self-Adhesive Mirrors
There can never be a shortage of mirrors when getting ready, but finding the space can be difficult. Get creative with these Hexagonal Self-adhesive Mirrors. Stick them on a nearby wall, inside or even on the outside of your wardrobe door. Never worry about fighting for mirror space every again!


So there you have it, 7 Closet Essentials you absolutely need in your life!

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