6 Eco-Friendly Products That Will Help the 🌍!

By Hannah Jones,

It’s important to remember our footprint on our wonderful planet. The news, television programs and documentaries are a constant reminder of the devastating effects our habits have on the environment. Here are some products that can help you to be more eco-friendly every day!


1. Stainless-steel Straws
We all know about the dangers of plastic straws to our marine life. Straws are a single-use item and have been around for a long time. They are not biodegradable and take hundreds of years to break down. Live a greener life and switch to Stainless-steel Straws! Unlike plastic straws, they are reusable and don’t release any harmful chemicals into your body after interacting with what you are drinking.



2. Stretchable Silicone Food Covers
Cling film is one of the most widely used single-use plastics in the world. It is incredibly difficult to recycle and often ends up in landfill sites or into our oceans. Marine life can often confuse it with something edible such as jellyfish causing them to ingest it accidentally. Silicone Food Covers are reusable, durable, plastic-free and keep your food fresh!



3. 2 in 1 Water Saver Nozzle
This 2 in 1 Water Saver Nozzle makes sure you only use what you need! This water nozzle can help you significantly reduce your water usage by up to 50%! By using less water, less water needs to be treated and pumped. This means less money is spent on energy, chemicals, and reservoirs. Save water, the environment, and your money!



 4. Collapsible Travel Cup
Many of us leave the house or go on a trip and rely on buying bottled water on our journey. Unfortunately, they are not sustainable, have a large carbon footprint, and stick around for generations. Many water bottles in some countries are nothing more than glorified tap water and have chemicals that can seep out over time. Take this Collapsible Travel Cup with you instead! Compact, plastic-free, environmentally friendly and will save you money!




5. Solar-powered Garden Lights
Solar-power takes the sun’s energy and makes is useable. This means it is an unlimited source of energy and is the key to a clean future! Not only is it renewable, but also no harmful emissions are released and it costs you nothing to run! Why not light up your garden with some Solar-powered Garden Lights. No wires, no fuss, and no additional costs.



6. Cordless Vacuum Sealer
Help reduce food waste by keeping your food fresher for longer with this Cordless Vacuum Sealer! Tonnes of food globally is wasted every day and is disposed to landfills. Much of this is by food not being stored correctly and turning moldy too quickly. These Vacuum bags and sealer help to prevent contamination, provide long-lasting preservation and are also moisture proof.



Together we can really make a difference!
Let’s make every day Earth Day!

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