9 Cleaning Tips that ACTUALLY WORK!

By Hannah Jones,

Spring is the perfect time of year to declutter, get around to those niggly house repair jobs and have a good deep clean! If you’re thinking about a fresh start to the new season, here are some cleaning tricks that will cut your cleaning time in half and will really work!


1. Clean watermarks and shower faucets with lemons

You know the feeling of cleaning your shower but there are STILL watermarks! Lemons are great for almost anything, try cutting a lemon in half and rubbing it on the glass, faucets, and tiles to get rid of those stubborn watermarks! Plus it will leave your home smelling fresh!

2. Unblock drains with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar

The dreaded moment when you’re halfway through your shower and the water doesn’t seem to be going down fast enough! Don’t fret, pour boiling hot water down the drain, followed by a cup of bicarbonate of soda. Add warm water and vinegar (mixed together). Finally, add more hot water and be amazed at the results! You can even ease it along by starting with a drain unclog kit.

3. 2 in 1 Dishwashing brush cleaning gloves

Tired of buying dishwashing scrubs? Revolutionize your cleaning with some eco-friendly silicone dishwashing gloves! Use them for the dishes, for the bathroom or even for your car! What's best is they can be used over and over again and save you money on buying sponges! Never have to pick up a sponge, just scrub with your hands!




4. Remove marks from paintwork with white vinegar

You have perfect white walls but over time you start to see small, scruff marks forming. Instead of heading for a paintbrush or your local decorator, try mixing some vinegar with warm water and gently rubbing this solution on your walls. This easy, instant quick fix has also been proven to brighten up your walls!

5. Double-sided window cleaner

Cleaning windows has never been enjoyable. They’re big, there are loads of them, they are hard to reach and worst of all, they have two sides! A magnetic double-sided window cleaner can cut your cleaning time in half as well as being a much more safer and cheaper window cleaning option!

6. Clean dishwasher, also with vinegar!

You’ve been meaning to clean it, but Spring has arrived and cleaning the dishwasher is high on your priority list! Fill a dishwasher-proof container with vinegar and place in an empty dishwasher on the top shelf. Run the cycle and see the clean and sparkly results! This super easy method can be done time and time again at a low cost!

7. Pet hair with a window cleaner (or shedding fur remover glove)

You love your pet(s) but dealing with your pet’s fur can be an endless struggle! Remove your pet’s hair from the carpet with a window cleaner! Just brush the carpet with a squeegee and watch all the hair collect in seconds! To prevent hair from shedding in the first place, groom your pet with a massaging fur remover glove!

8. Clean grout and tiles in shower with toilet cleaner

It’s not only for toilets! Did you know that the ingredients designed for the toilet bowl are also ideal for brightening up your shower tiles and grout? The handy narrow nozzle also helps you get into all the small, hard to reach areas! Get that bathroom sparkly!


9. Freshen up your freezer with charcoal

Over time your freezer can start to get an odor. They can be difficult to clean and keep clean! Try placing some activated charcoal in the back of your freezer to keep those odors away! Activated charcoal is great for many things, one being it is a natural deodorizer and air purifier!

Give these tricks a go and let us know in the comments below if they worked for you! If you know any other amazing cleaning tips, please share them with us!

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