4 Fun Easter Essentials!

By Hannah Jones,

Easter is almost here! This time of year means Easter egg hunts, a LOT of chocolate, baking hot cross buns, or jetting off for a short vacation with the family. Here are 4 products you absolutely need this Easter!


1. Easter Bunny Ears!

Do you want to fool your kids into thinking you are the Easter Bunny? Make them behave a little better by wearing these Dancing Bunny Ears. You can entertain the family as well as deciding if they deserve their Easter eggs this year! Each ear is controlled by the paws, so dance to any beat or even as you speak!



2. Cake Decorating Tips Kit

If you’re a keen baker and you like to rustle up a delicious chocolate Easter cake every year, then you can’t do without this Cake Decorating Tips Kit! Get creative with some icing shaped Easter eggs, bunnies, daffodils or even some decorative writing. You can even use them to decorate eggs with the family!

Here are some easy Easter cake ideas that you can try for yourself:



3. High Heel Chocolate Mold

It just wouldn’t be Easter without some chocolate! We all have that one friend who loves a bit of glitz and glam! Why not gift your girlfriends with a twist on the classic Easter egg this year with a High Heel Chocolate Mold? Fill it with Easter eggs, small bunnies or baby chicks for a glamorous Easter gift that they will really enjoy! High Heels, Easter eggs and chocolate, who can say no to that?!



4. Portable Bible Audio Player

Let’s not forget the real meaning behind Easter. It’s a time to reflect, renew, celebrate and spend time with our loved ones. Get in the Easter spirit with this Bible Audio Player. It can help you listen to your favorite psalms and gospels in the car, at home, on even on the move! Give this to your parents, your children or even a friend to help them feel inspired every day.



Get involved with these and be sure to get excited about Easter as well as making your Easter weekend an incredible experience with all the family.


Happy Easter from all of us!

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