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“Please, I don’t want to sleep by myself.” familiar with this statement? Probably if you’re a parent, you will know fully well your kids will say this to you. They sleep the best beside you but the fact is, every parent needs their private time. Think back to the time when you were in your childhood, were you scared of the dark? and back then how was this problem resolved? If it wasn't for night lights then I don’t know what else it would be. Night lights can provide a continued calmness and a source of comfort to your kids throughout the night making them feel safer so as a result, making it easier for them to fall asleep. Besides this core benefit, doctors say night lights can boost a baby’s brain development and the American Optometric Association recommends parents to leave a night light on in their baby's room to help boost visual development.



Why and How to Buy the Right Night Light

Even though night lights are proven to help your kids go to sleep and enhance their brain and visual development, choosing the right night light is still important. Warm colors of red and orange helps the brain become attracted more to these colors. You also should pay close attention to the brightness of the light too. Remember, a night light is to gently illuminate a room ant set a serene setting. A night light that is too bright disturbs the sleep and leads to broken sleep.



Top 3 Unique Night Lights

With so many different night lights available on the market, it might be difficult to choose. No worries, that's why we’re here to help as we’ve discovered the best 3 that you and your kids will fall in love with. The first one is an owl portable night light. The owl animal gives off a feeling of comfort and eases their mind that someone is keeping them safe and keeping a lookout. When your kids need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night or if they want to read before they go to sleep, Little owl will keep them company.



The second one is a constellation night projector lamp that can project stars and the galaxy onto the walls and ceiling of your kids’ room. It projects the perfect warm orange color that helps your kids to sleep. You can choose to have the rotation effect and remove the dome cover for different brightness settings.



Last but not least, it’s the LED Moon Wall Lamp that automatically turns on when it gets dark. Never have to switch on another night light with this one! How cool is it to sleep under a realistic looking moon and it also includes a remote to control the brightness too.


Choose the right night light that your kids will love and also suitable for their room layout. If the power outlet is far away or too close from your kids’ bed, avoid night lights that require plug-in. Don’t go for plain boring night lights, get stimulating night lights they’ll be excited to use at night and go to bed early. With these lights bedtime for them has never been more fun and exciting. Hopefully with these, you can sleep peacefully with no distraction from your kids.  



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