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Want to add some mounted wall lights in the garden but kinda stuck on which ones to go for? Wall lights are a great solution to fix easily to your home walls while complementing the outdoor features of your home. Mounting wall lights cannot get easier and boasts a clean and tidy appearance without the fuss of messy wires. Having wall lights around the home not only creates a safer space but also brings warmth and a pleasant homey feel. From exquisite asian designs to traditional decor, there are different styles of wall mount lights that will match your home and something for everyone.


Lattice Lights

Being solar powered and looking like it’ll be the perfect choice for your country home garden, these Little Lattice Wall Mount Lights do the job well! With built-in smart light sensor, it controls the light to automatically light up in the night and stay off during the day time. Mount them over your fence or around the deck to brighten up spots around your perfect garden.


Lantern Lights

Going for the more traditional feel? Lantern lights are simple yet oozes elegance usually sporting a candle lit inside them which could also be the light bulb. Decorative lighting can really make a difference to your outdoor living space. Whether you go for a big or small lantern, make sure it compliments your surroundings as lighting is key when it comes to creating an inviting home.


Sconce Lights

Think modern touch with sleek designs that look like art pieces. Sconce lights would fittingly compliment your home if you love the hip architectural style. There is a huge variety of sconce lights, from simple minimal exteriors to classic urban styles, each one with LED Lumens that will fill up the garden atmosphere with glowing luminosity.



Gooseneck Barn Lights

With the many choices of outdoor exterior lighting, you may find yourself not sure which one to go for. That’s ok because the good thing about wall lights are they’re easy to switch out styles to suit any season, or you might want a transformation for a special event. Gooseneck lights are a great pair with barns and will light up the wall and also below it. The design is classic with a sleek warehouse shade that will look the part in both modern or contemporary spaces.


Remember to make the most out of your lighting outside especially in the garden as it’s the one place you’ll want to relax at home on a nice evening. Wall mount lights can transform the whole area of your back yard and make it that more inviting. It is worthwhile to pay extra attention to your outdoor lighting options and give it some good thought on how you want your garden to look and feel in your dream home.




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I found some led solar lights
For outside walls. They reflected off the wall
In a circular effect. I have been unable to find them so far. They mounted to the brick wall and stuck outwards. Would love to purchase these

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