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Have 10 minutes to spare? 10 minutes is a good amount of time for your daily workout than doing nothing! Instead of forcing yourself to complete a long workout, do it regularly on a daily basis with 10 minute easy workouts that are proven to benefit you more in the long run. The power of keeping up with something consistently is far more significant than you think! Performing 10 minute workouts a day will make you more confident, happier and healthier!


Arm and Leg - Jumping jacks to get your blood going

Start your 10 minute workout with jumping jacks that are simple to practice yet offers a lot of health benefits. It improves endurance and helps your body to get stronger by strengthening the muscles. It also conditions the cardiovascular system for better performance and increases efficiency. Due to its effectiveness, it is one of the elementary exercises for warm ups before training in most sports.


Stomach - Hold it in longer with planks

Put your body into the push-up position but with your elbows on the floor, and your whole body straight for at least 45 seconds. Make sure your back is flat and your head is looking straight forward. If you can, try holding it for longer and push yourself. Performing the plank correctly and regularly can improve your body balance and posture. This simple technique can reduce back pains while strengthening your core muscle at the same time.



Foot - Double-leg calf raises to relieve foot aches

Your whole body is supported by your feet. If you don’t get proper exercise for your feet, you’ll be suffering from foot ache long term although there may be no sign of it now. Double-leg calf raises are excellent for pain relief and toning the gastrocnemius and soleus of the foot. It’s also good for blood circulation.



Back Muscle - Full Body Bridge or Spine Extensions

The most important part of your body that you might be neglecting in your workout is your back. You need a strong back to keep your posture pristine and your spine healthy. Besides, if you only train your front muscles, you’ll be more likely to develop muscle imbalances that lead to injury and pain. Full body bridges not only particularly benefit your back but also engages your entire body to make them stronger. Maintaining a correct back posture helps to reduce back pain as well. To help you give your back the upright posture, wearing a Posture Corrector X-Strap Vest will help pull your back straight and make you stand and sit tall.


Start making a change in your everyday life by adding these workouts that will take you no more than 10 minutes! Keep it up and it will sure pay you back in only positive ways! Stay healthy and energetic with simple exercises and a nutritious balanced diet for a long and prosperous life.


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