By Grace Stuart,

What does a normal person's weekend routine usually consist of? Most probably it could be chilling out with friends, exercising at the gym and getting a yoga class in. Catching up over drinks or parading around a shopping mall for half the day. One thing that isn’t done so often is treating our bodies to a well deserved relaxing bath. Most of the population rather take a quick shower after a stressful day at work and just want to get into bed as early as possible. But in fact, we should take baths more often because they can help to relax your tense muscles and soothes your skin. Having a bath can give yourself some “me time” where you can escape from the world of chaos and worries. Besides, bathing regularly has been proven to promote blood circulation and do good to the immune system. So come on, treat yourself to a bubbly bath and make it the most relaxing one yet with these 5 ultimate steps.



Bath Ingredients

The most important thing is creating the perfect atmosphere for your bath, choosing the right bath soap that both the fragrance and bubbliness will satisfy you. You can either go for bath soap, bath bombs or even soothing bath oils that can all be added to your luxury bathtub experience. Bath bombs are deeply satisfying when you hear the fizz of the bubbles working away. Bath oils with calming aroma can ease headaches keeping your stressful thoughts at bay.



Wind down to the sound

Make your bath time better with wind-down gentle music. Soft strings and nature sounds of birds or the ocean can be particularly soothing. Listening to soft music with eyes closed will take you to a place of serenity, as if you’re at a spa in Thailand. Don’t distract yourself with your mobile phone, really take the time to relax so that you can free your mind from stress. Waterproof speakers that can be stuck onto your bathroom walls make the perfect partner for bath times with music. Don’t risk your phone or music player from getting water damaged.  



Soft pretty decorations

Another well known fact why you should have baths regularly - Having baths can greatly reduce the appearance of acne as well as delay premature aging. Other things you can do to enhance the performance is applying a deep moisturizing mask on while you soak up in the tub. There are so many DIY face masks that you can make yourself from using natural honey, oats and milk for that extra silky soft touch. To set your bath time in the right mood, a few pretty waterproof LED butterflies will do the trick. Dim lighting is a must for baths and you can also try Luminous Pebbles that glow in the dark that are also fun to have for bathroom decor.



Candles to set the mood

Candles can be great additional lights you can place around the bathtub to set the tone right. Choose candles that are long lasting and made from soy wax with a braided cotton wick for a clean even burn. Even though real candles are lovely they still might be a hazard, so to keep it safe opt for LED Candles that work just as well but are flameless. You won’t have to worry about knocking them over and can really enjoy the bathing sensation.


Wrap up in softness

During your bath, your pores will have opened up so the best thing to do is give yourself a cool rinse with cold water especially on the face. Wrap yourself immediately with a super soft bathrobe and once you’re dried off, moisturize your body from head to toe and then you’ll feel completely refreshed and revitalized.


It’s always good to pamper yourself and soak away your pain of stress with a relaxing and beautiful warm bath after a long working week. With the the right bath essentials, relaxing soothing music and bathroom decor, it can truly take you away to somewhere else, even if it's for a brief moment all your troubles and worries will melt away.



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