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Have you ever wished that you had 48 hours in the day instead of just 24 hours? Being a parent or housewife, 24 hours just sometimes isn’t enough time to get everything done. With so many household chores, the week flies by and weekends play no difference. Who doesn’t want to save time doing personal stuff or even just to relax and breathe? But being a stay at home parent, it is almost impossible to spare some time for yourselves because your kids have a talent in creating new ‘surprises’… Luckily there are new products now on the market that can help you clear up mess in no time!



Easy Storage 59" Diameter Kids Toys Playmat

“Hey, try not to mess up the place while you play, ok?” Your kids may have tried hard to do what you’ve asked…but lets face it, it’s just not an easy task for them. What’s going on in their little heads is that they are going to play, there is no space in their brain to take in your prompt reminder for more than 3 seconds. Buying a play mat that can double up as a storage bag with just one pull of the string can be seriously practical and useful. Try this multifunction storage bag and make them play on the mat, when they are done just pull, tie and store away.



Automatic Drink Dispenser – Avoid spillage

Sick and tired of cleaning spilled milk off the kitchen floor after your kids? What is the best way to avoid spillage? Pouring a heavy bottle of beverage is difficult for kids to manage. A magic tap automatic drink dispenser will sure solve this problem as no ‘pouring’ action is needed. You’re just one tap away from filling cereals with milk or getting a glass of juice. This smart dispenser that fits most bottles is a blessing to every household and works great!



Mop Slippers Shoes – Mop your floor as you walk

Here’s something that you can use without needing to bend over to have your floor clean  and dry! You can easily wipe the wet floor after your kids by slipping on these mop slippers designed to wipe as you walk. The idea of mopping while walking is just brilliant and  everyone should get a pair. While you are wearing these slippers, you can easily do some workouts as the friction between your foot and the floor is reduced. This slipper is powerful in collecting annoying tiny hairs that fall on the floor too! Ask your kids to wear them, they will be more than excited to help

Give these useful products a try when you are overwhelmed with housework. They will never disappoint you and save you time from tidying and cleaning up! With less to handle, you will have more time doing something else that you enjoy. Don’t struggle by yourself, there are always ways out!  

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The mop slippers look fun!

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